Hello again dear people!

It's march, spring it's just starting and I'm more than ready for it, so in this article I want to write about stuffs I like about spring.


The nature is something what I admire in spring. It's beautiful. I love how all the plans are springing to life and everything becomes colourful. The animals, I love when I wake up early and I can hear birds tweeting. Ah, it's just wonderful, isn't it? Oh and let's not forget about the weather, It's warmer outside and I can finally change my winter coat to a thin, fashionable jackets and the shoes too. The daytime becomes longer than the nighttime, breathtaking sunsets&sunrises.

“ It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart. „
– Rainer Maria Rilke
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I absolutely love spring fashion because you can combine a lot of clothes together. E.g I love to wear dresses with Converses (I know I haven't told you something new) or different kinds of shirts, jackets, boots or sandals. And the best things are colours.

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Some of my favourite flowers

Although I love all kind of plants from trees to the smallest flower, there are some flowers which are really pretty in my eyes.


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Anemone nemorosa & Anemone ranunculoides
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Books are always yes for me. Reading calms me down and helps me forget about no senses what are bothering me at the moment. Being outside in the nature, sitting in the grass with an awesome book in your hands, what a perfect way to clean your mind. Or when there's no chance to going out, still I like to read outside on my balcony at early in the morning, drinking tea and enjoying how the sun kisses my skin. Also, let's not forget about the books of plants because learning new things about nature is fun too.

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They can be small or big, quiet or loud, exhausting or lazy, no matter what, they are always fun. You can have adventurous time outside (of course) or at home too! You don't have to always travel away or plan something big out to make your day/s exciting. Going out bicycling with your family or friends for me is always a good idea or just walking. Playing sport games like basketball, football or I really love to play volleyball. Having a nice picnic on a sunny, warm day in the park or somewhere else in the nature is something what I really like to have. But being at home, you can clean your room or the whole house too, redecorating or decorating the way you want it. Cooking, baking, planting, painting, exercising, writing, dancing, watching movies, they can be more than just time wastings, they can be adventurous too. You just have to make it adventurous.

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I really hope you enjoyed this article and if you want: check out my other articles too

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