Hi everyone! For this article, I decided to make a DIY liquid/gel eyeliner. I know most DIY makeup products require eyeshadow, so I am looking for substitutions for recipes such as the one below. I will also make a DIY eyeshadow article in the next day or so! Here is your DIY Liquid/Gel Eyeliner!

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♦ Eyeshadow (in the color you want your eyeliner (the darker the better))

♦ Eye Primer (any brand should work)

♦ Coconut Oil

♦ Container (make sure it is air tight so the eyeliner does not dry out)

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♦ Powder eyeshadow into a container and mix in primer until you achieve a smooth consistency

♦ Melt the coconut oil and add two to three drops to your mixture

♦ Mix everything for five to ten minutes to make sure everything is smooth and combined

♦ Use an angle brush to apply the eyeliner to your eye

♦ And now you have a DIY Liquid/Gel Eyeliner! Enjoy!

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