i really love to buy new shoes, because my life is already dirty, so at least i have clean new shoes.

‘I spend most of my time wearing uncomfortable things, so for me, it’s all about trainers.’ -Cara Delevigne

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vans is sooooo aesthetic i can even
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nikes.yikes. but those are so goddamn pricy! thanks god that for that we got ebay and ali express
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converse are a little pricy for just a basic trainer with logo. but hey! its classic.
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idk. for me its like something differend maybe. and its fenty collection so that an GGGOOOD A.
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i think, this is something new in the shoes industry, even if its probably the same like the others. new balance are my favourites for a long trips.
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i no longer like adidas, because everyone has those superstars and its soo boring. BUT maybe you will like these, because other than that, they are comfortible.

i hope you like it.

it's litterally 2am. and iam with my mental breakdown here,writing a article about shoes.

i hope you are having a good night *-*