Things you’re maybe doing wrong in your makeup routine

Hello beautiful people! For this week’s article, I’m sharing with you common mistakes that we sometimes make without even knowing it. I hope you enjoy! I post an article on makeup, fashion and trends every Tuesday.

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Take your makeup off at the end of the day

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This is SO IMPORTANT and even though sometimes it's late and you're tired, please take your makeup off with a wipe at least!

Moisturize/Prime before applying your makeup

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Crucial step to avoid "cakey" makeup!

Throw out outdated makeup

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You wouldn't drink outdated milk, right? That's the same thing for your face! (You don't need to follow the exact date, but that really really old foundation you're keeping - for whatever reason - needs to go.)

Find colors that are flattering for your eye color/skin tone

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Find colors that suits your eye color or your skin tone (I personnaly think you can wear any color, but some can pop even more!)

Set your makeup

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With setting spray and powder!

Watch out for undertones

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Match your foundation with your undertone (cool, neutral, warm, etc.) Your makeup will look 10 times better!

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