Woohoo... I have exams in a week..
The time of making mind maps and schedules has begon! 📓
So.. I thought I could share some of my tips, life hacks,... with you that are, in my opinion, really helpful for studying.

You can handle whatever life throws at you
  • O R G A N I Z E

Having a clean, organized desk will motivate you more to study! But clean your desk on time, don't wait until the day before your first exam, because then you only have to pay attention on the subject you have a test of and not on cleaning your room.

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  • S C H E D U L E

Before you start studying, making a schedule is very helpful. Make one for the exam(s) you have and on what day you have them, and make a study planner. In that study planner you can write down what you're going to study on what day of the week. Remember, your planning has to be achievable! Don't write things down your not going to do anyway.

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You got this
  • W R I T E !

Writing things down is the best way of learning your subjects! Did you know that making a mind map is equal to reading your lesson 3 times?! (If I have to believe Google hehe.) I know this takes a lot of time, so (similar to "organizing your desk") you should start on time with this one.

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  • T E A C H

Explaining your lesson to someone else is really going to help you with remembering everything. Every time my best friend and I have to learn something together, I often explain everything to her and ask her to repeat things. This way we can both learn our subject very well.

When I'm alone, I pretend that I'm telling my lesson to someone (who doesn't excist lol) . I also have a white board hanging in my room to make little mind maps on.

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  • F L A S H C A R D S

These things make studying languages, definitions,... so much easier! Take some small cards/ pieces of paper and write for example, 'Hello' on the front and 'Bonjour' on the back so you can interrogate yourself.
Nowadays, there are also a lot of apps that offer you this possibility. It takes a long time to make, but I promise you, that it'll be worth it!

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  • R E P E A T

When I have more difficult subjects to study like Latin, I try to learn everything in small pieces so I can repeat everything the day before my exam. That's why I advice you to start early with studying. this way you don't have to learn the whole subject the day right before your exam.


xx Madeloe