so summer is right around the corner and i decided to make a bucket list. I'm graduating high school in a few months so this is my "last" summer before a new chapter in my life so i don't want to waste it.

1. get my driver license.
2. play hide and seek in ikea.
3. camp at a beach.

beach, summer, and camp image

4. have lots of movie night.
5. sleep under the stars.
6. take a ton of polaroids.
7. surf.

summer image

8. volunteer at a animals shelter.
9. leave notes in books at a bookstore.
10. swim at night.
11. have a bonfire.

friends, beach, and summer image

12. go to an art gallery.
13. read 5 books.
14. tye dye.

summer image

15. have a summer party.
16. ride a rollercoaster.

photography, iphone, and sunset image

17. have a water ballon fight.
18. go to a cooking class.
19. go to a theme park.
20. go overseas.

travel, clouds, and sky image
thanks for reading! part 2 is on the way! follow for more :)