I first saw this Challenge,

made by

m i c h e l
m i c h e l

and thought it was cool to do one my self. You choose cities starting with letters while spelling your name. Where do you want to go, only using letters in your name?

H is for Honolulu, Hawaii

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E is for Edinburgh, Scotland

architecture, castle, and edinburgh image

N is for New York, USA

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R is for Reykjavik, Iceland

Temporarily removed iceland, Island, and reykjavik image iceland, Island, and the blue lagoon image Temporarily removed

I is for Innsbruck, Austria

austria, innsbruck, and winter image

E is for Esbjerg, Danmark

danmark and esbjerg image Image by Henniie

T is for Tallin, Estonia

independence, colours, and estonia image Temporarily removed

T is for Tokyo, Japan

city, night, and tokyo image asia, beautiful, and destination image

E is for Elche, Espania

spania, españia, and elche image

That is the cities that spells my name:

What is your name in cities?