As I said in my last article today I will tell you about my favourite apps for example losing weight or just being more aware of what you eat and your weight.

+ There are many different types of apps that you can use to keep track of food and how many carbohydrates, fats and proteins they contain.
+ My favorite app that I use now is ´Food´. Its a super clear and easy app. You can not only keep track of your food and how many nutrients it contains, but also your weight and the goals you have achieved. And you can even define a plan how you want to lose weigth.

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+ Its really important if you want a ´healthy´ lifestyle to drink water. My favorite app to keep track of how much water I drink is ´MizuNomuo´. It is not very special you can just add how much water you drink, you can choose a goal that you want to drink at least each day and you can set a reminder to drink something. the app itself calculates how much water you drink on average and keeps a graph with all the information.

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And last but not least the app is super cute!!

+ The app I use now to keep track of my weight is called ´Cinderella weight Measurement´it is a super handy app you can enter your weight every morning and evening. You can set your goal and how long you want to do about it. This app also makes a graph with information about your weight and your BMI and even about your fat percentage.

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+ At the moment are these my favourite apps. Of course there are many other apps that work super well but from my opinion I think that these are really good apps.

+This is part 3 of ´How to get healthy´ this is the last part of this blog. I will write more articles but only about other topics. So if you have a idea please send me a postcard!

+ I hope you all liked these articles and I hope you all achieve what you want.