i wrote this, because with music everything seems a little more colorful for me. i hope for you too.

A- Acid Ghost - Hide my face
B- Billie Eilish - idontwannabeyouanymore
C- Clau Veux - Everything's Great
D- dandelion hands - i like you
E- Eerie Glue - Long Way Home
F- Flora Cash - You're Somebody Else
G- Galaxy Fingers - I Need Therapy
H- heather june - would it really kill you if we kissed
I- idkkora - Favourite Song
J- Jye - i'm not the boy i used to be
K- Kalyn Aolani - I thought there was a me and u
L- Lil Peep - Star Shopping
M- my boy // billie eilish lyrics
N- No Vacation - You're Not With Me
O- ocean eyes // billie eilish
P- petty af - eli.
R- Richard Orofino - Not Old Enough
S- s u n s e t l o v e r...// slowed down
T- The Japanese House - Saw You In A Dream
U- urbanation - yesteryear
V- VAGUE003 - Pink skies // black hearts
W- Wilder - Softly
X- XINXIN - blue flowers

IDK these are my favorites. write which is your favorite!