March Madness doesn't just refer to the madness and excitement the NCAA basketball tournament ignites in basketball fans across the country; it also refers to the madness and excitement high school seniors experience when they receive their first acceptance letter in the mail during the month of March.

As a college freshman I've had my ups and downs, and I would love to share my advice with the We Heart It community to ensure that you all have plenty of ups, less downs, and maybe a little bit of middles.


  • Show up to all of your classes at least 15 minutes early the first two weeks so that you won't get dropped. At some schools, being on time the first two weeks is a requirement anyway.
  • If you show up early you'll, for one, score a better seat and, two, it will give you an opportunity to acquaint with a few of your classmates before class begins.
  • Also, leave your house or dorm 20-30 minutes prior to when class startsโ€”especially if your class is on the other side of campus. Parking in college is hectic and you may find yourself driving around in circles for about 10 minutes (or more, depending on how large your school is) until someone finally leaves the parking lot. If you don't drive, STILL leave 20-30 minutes early just in case you get lost or the walk is too far. (Wear deodorant and bring body spray. Your armpits and peers will thank me later. ๐Ÿ˜‚)


  • By everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Even things you didn't finish or things you feel like you didn't put your best effort in. Never slack off when it comes to points. Five points on an assignment can end up saving your grade in the future.
  • Turn in any financial/scholarship related paperwork ahead of time as well. Apply to as many scholarships as you can even if you think you won't get them.


  • I'm sure you've all heard this before in high school, and it's something you hear a lot in college too! The only thing is, your parents, counselors, or whoever aren't going to remind you every day. It's up to YOU to put yourself out there and invest your time in clubs and extracurricular activities.
  • By getting involved I don't just mean join a club. Get involved by attending campus events, workshops, signing up for internships that have to do with your major, or even finding a job on campus. This will help you become more familiar with the campus and more involved with the student lifestyle.
  • There are a ton of clubs, organizations, and events that start to pop up within the first three months of the semester, so don't stay cooped up in your house or dorm every day. There's literally a club for everything and everyone. Keep up with your school's social media and online announcements because no one in college tells you ANYTHING lol.


  • As I stated before, no one in college tells you anything. Your professors may tell you when something's due one day, but won't remind you about it constantly like high school teachers do.
  • Invest in a calendar and planner. I personally like to write my plans out physically, but if you prefer the digital route then use apps such as DO! and Swipes to keep a to-do list.
  • Always stay on top of e-mails sent by your professors or the school. I would suggest using a completely different e-mail from the one you might use when signing up for dating apps or clothing stores. Your school will provide you with a student e-mail so you can even use that. I personally don't use my student e-mail because the name is very long. (TURN ON YOUR E-MAIL NOTIFICATIONS!)
  • Take organized notes. Unfortunately, not all professors use whiteboards or PowerPoint, so have one notebook that you can write messily in during lectures and another notebook you can write neatly in for later when you're rewriting notes.
  • Some professors allow you to videotape the lesson or audio record it. DON'T feel awkward doing thisโ€”especially if your professor is a fast, slow, or terrible speaker all together.


  • Avoid taking classes on Fridays (unless you really need to) so you can use this day to spend time catching up on anything school related and have the weekends off.
  • Don't take morning classes (unless you really need to) so you can sleep in. Trust me, I'm a morning person but not when it comes to school or classes I have no interest in.
  • Attend campus events and parties just for fun. Never be afraid to go somewhere by yourself because you can always meet someone new. I also find that doing things on your own makes you more willing to put yourself out there because you're not afraid of a friend tying you down, leaving you, or judging you for acting out of the ordinary.
  • Take trips in the towns and cities surrounding your campus just because. You don't need a reason to have fun. Instead of studying in your room, maybe go study at a cafรฉ to feed off of the relaxing and fun energy.
  • Put your mental health first. If a class is too hard, talk to a counselor or confide in a friend or classmate. Or better yet, DROP THE CLASS. Never feel forced to stay in a class you know you're going to fail no matter how hard you tryโ€”especially if you don't like the professor or the way they teach the material.


  • Avoid eating out every single day. Treat yourself to fast food maybe once or twice a week or every two weeks.
  • College is the time when you can re-invent yourself and become more independent, so learn how to cook healthy, delicious meals. Ask your parents or loved ones to write you a cookbook of your favorite recipes as a graduation gift if you're going to be staying in the dorms.
  • Never purchase/rent textbooks from the campus bookstore, unless the book is only available there. Some professors write their own textbooks that's why. Rent books from websites like Chegg or Amazon. If you need to get a novel for a class, check it out from the library!
  • Unless a professor sends out an e-mail stating you'll need your textbook the first day of class don't buy or rent one just yet. Wait until they go over the syllabus to see if there's a need to.
  • Stay alert when it comes to people trying to sell you stuff on campus or get you to sign up for something. Literally every single day there are businesses or organizations in the quad trying to stop and talk to you. NEVER feel obligated to talk to them, donate money, or sign up for some gym you've never even heard of.
  • AVOID signing petitions without asking questions. Some petitions have a section where you write your social security number. I don't care what the petition is for, you NEVER give someone your SSN. That's just common sense.
  • On another note, it is important to know your SSN though. When you turn 18, or if you're 18 already, make sure your Social Security card is signed by you and you have it memorized, because sometimes the financial aid office will ask you for it. It's also just IMPORTANT that you know it lol.


  • Always have your student ID on you, as well as your state ID.
  • Go on the website RateMyProfessor so you can read reviews on the professors at your school.
  • Participate in class discussions so you can be on your professor's good side.
  • Take advantage of tutoring, resume workshops, scholarships, a professor's office hours, counselors, and if you go to a community college, campus tours.
  • If it's late in the semester and you have a D or an F in any of your classes, I would strongly suggest you withdraw from that class. It's better to have a W on your record rather than a D or an Fโ€”especially if you're a community college student who plans on transferring.
  • Be aware when the deadline is to withdraw or drop from a class. Sometimes professors have the deadline written in the syllabus or your school will send remind e-mails.
  • If you absolutely feel like you're going to fail a class then DROP it. The drop won't show up on your records/transcripts, but a W will.
  • Sign up for the website UNiDAYS. It gives college students promo codes for clothing stores, health and fitness subscriptions, music, etc.
  • Stay true to yourself!

Well, those are all the tips I can think of for now. If you have any questions about college or the overall college experience then feel free to send me a postcard. ๐Ÿ˜Š I attend a community college right now, so my experience may be a little different from someone who attends a 4 year college or university, but I'm still open to trying to answer questions. xoxo

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