In that school, there's a lot of bullying. Some rich kids believe they own the world, the people and think that they can say whatever they like.

Her and her brother were bullied few years back. It was horrible, they felt like the whole world turned against them, like no-one cared. Their parents were dead, or at least so they were told. Her skin was glowing dark brown, but his was so light, as white as snow, coloured with thousands of wreckles. Yet, they were twins. Because of that and many other reasons, they were the weirdos.

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She got attitude, even after years of bullying. Her mind and heart were strong. She ran around the city, she laughed like no-other and wrote her name with spray-paint to large buildings. In school she didn't care about studying, she mocked all the teachers and told bullies to fuck off, with a bright grin on her face. She was a crazy person, having the time of her life. She grew close with few other students, and by doing that she was welcomed to the inner circle of the cool kids in town. She became popular.

She had a sharp tongue and reflects. Her reflects evolved as she started training martial arts. I wish you could've seen the way she made her old bullies suffer; She was a wild one, that one. She had an arrogance of an aristocrat and features of an warrior. Her name is Amber.

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Her brother is a whole another story. He was that kind of a person, who enjoyed quiet and being alone. Sounds boring, doesn't it? But no, he was anything but boring. You could look into his eyes, and the pain and the knowledge would scare you off. Looking into his eyes feels like drowning to a gorgeous, deadly and stormy sea, with no ways of rescue.

There was a hint of royalty in the movement of his slender body. He would've been bullied and snarled at because of it, but to be honest, who on earth would've dared to do that to a boy like him? He seemed to know so much, always reading a book in the corner of the room.

And when he didn't read, he painted, directing all his thoughts and concentration to the tender touch of the paintbrush. He was a person with so much to offer to others, but who didn't feel the pressure to prove himself to them. And his name, rarely spoken aloud, is Lloyd.

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They never fitted in. There was always something foreign about them, something we wouldn't know of. Lloyd feels homesick, Amber impatient. They know there's a big storm coming, they aren't supposed to live a boring live with us boring humans.

Amber doesn't know or care much, but she knows about this; She knows her value and her pride. Until the day, she can prove herself to every single person in the world, she'll get ready and have fun by herself.

And about all the others? Well... She won't give a damn.

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This is my character introduction to my story. My story takes a place in Gembina, the land of warriors, breath-taking nature and ancient magic. If you want to know more, check out my collection of it! <3

XOXO, Evelyn