Hello! today I wanna talk about "Call me by your name".

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The story begins when Oliver arrives to Ellio's house to help his father with archaeological studies in the north of Italy, Ellio is a boy who enjoy read and play the piano it's so intelligent and cute while Oliver is a men with 23 years old if I'm not mistaken, the story unfolds in such a pure environment that you do not realize it and you are already crying because of the great love between them.

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I loved this movie is incredible, is so much more than a cliche it´s a real love story and a long time ago I didn't see something like that in today's cinema. Is the story of first love just like that, so simple and the same time so intense

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The soundtrack of the movie makes me feel like I'm in the movie is beautiful I'm obsessed with Mystery of love, totally recommended

I hope you run to watch the movie because it deserves it is incredible.

Thanks for reading me.