Heya guys! I'm back with a new delicious song for you, dears. I hope you will like it, like me. This song is from Everything, Everything. I don't know who knew this movie, but I loved it! So much! But, now, let's see the song.

Day 13 - 13/03/18

And the photos.

Image removed tumblr and everything everything image everything everything, maddy whittier, and movie image drama, movie, and romance image
everything everything image movie, everything everything, and book image book, movie, and everything everything image book, movie, and everything everything image

So, this was this little and really cute songly article to you. I hope that you liked it and if you did it, just leave a reaction or hit that heart button, to let me know. And down you can listen to the previous songs if you wanna. Have a good day or night. Byee lovelies!

LA, out.