Hello guys! This is my very first article! Maybe it's not perfect and I have some mistakes, but hey, I'M NOT PERFECT!

So let's start!


  • I’m 20
  • My Birthday is on the 3rd March.
  • I live in Switzerland.
  • I speak fluent Swiss-German, German and Albanian (my parents are from Kosovo), English (I understand, can speak and write but I also make mistakes!!!) and the tiniest bit of French.


I will try to list some of my main interests, but I’ll probably forget about something beacuse I really love to explore and discover new things.


This one is probabaly the interest that changes the most. I can go from rock to pop, from classic to ALBANIAN SONGS etc. etc.

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I love reading. I have soooo many books but I’ve never found the time to read all of them. When I go to a bookstore and find a book, I buy it. I just want to have it. Even though I know I don’t have time to read it. Just the feeling to have that book in my bookshelf makes me happy. And that beautiful feeling when you open the book and THAT SMELL OF NEW BOOK hits you. OH MY GOD.

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I read German, English and Albanian books. But mostly German and English. I have an Albanian book that I started like 5 years ago and I still haven’t finished yet. OOPS, MY BAD!


I have Netflix so I watch a lot of series ALONE (lol). At home we order DVDs and watch movies together. I like comedy, romantic, drama etc etc but I hate horror movies. Like HELL NO! If I had a boyfriend to protect me: I STILL WOULN’T WATCH HORROR MOVIES! I just can’t watch it. If I watch one horror movie, I would probably sleep for 10 years with my parents. Call me crazy but I swear I can’t watch it. lol.

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I love PLL, Gossip Girls, 13 Reasons Why, Prison Break, The Fault in Our Stars etc.


  • I LOVE my family. Every sunday we sit together and play board games or just talk
  • I’m a quite person and I don’t usually talk much
  • I start at 0 for every person
  • I hate people who talk shit about others without thinking before.
  • I hate it when my bedroom is messy
  • I HATE spiders
  • I love shopping (like everyone else)
  • I have an obsession with plants. But they always die. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong
  • I laugh a lot
  • I work in a pharmacy
  • I love photography and art
  • I love dogs
  • I love to travel even though I traveled to Kosovo.
  • I love old things
  • I hate chocolate even though I’m Swiss
  • I love to cook
  • I love tea
  • I have a car and I LOVE IT!

For now, this is everything I was able to write. I just wanted to have fun and make new friends. I hope it wasn’t boring and that someone of you will contact me.

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Sending love to you all
Qendresa :-)