today I will show you Guys my favorite Books <3
It will be a top 15 List but there are a lot
more :3

1. Love and Confess ( Colleen Hoover) - Shes my favorite Author in the Romance Genre!

2. November 9 ( Colleen Hoover) - I cry so much Omg

3. Will and Layken (Colleen Hoover) - Yes Guys im a Huge fan lol-

4. Maybe Someday / Maybe Not (Colleen Hoover)

5. Skulduggery Pleasant (Derek Landy) -When I was younger I Love Fantasy. Then when I become older it wasnt my Genre but Derek write so funny and ...Omg I cant find the right words. I become so emotional in everyone of his books.

6. Demon Road (Derek Landy) - When your parents try to eat you , you should read this book.

7. Harry Potter (J.K Rowling) - You dont need any words to explain why this one is on my List.

8. Warrior Cats (Erin Hunter) - They was my first Fantasy Books I read and ...I will always love them no matter how old I am.

9. Percy Jackson. (Rick Riordan)

10. P.s I Love you (Cecilia Ahern) - this was my first but not my last book from this great Author.

11. One hundred Names (Cecilia Ahern) - this was so beautiful and show me how much Good sides our world have.

12. (When we become Infinity ?) Carrie Firestone- This book also was very special and not a Happy-End story but you can learn a lot about life. I just know the Name in German but translatet it calls that so I guess its called like this in English.

13. The red Queen (Victoria Aveyard) - Its a trilogie but there are just two books out yet. I Love them.

14. Selection

15. A Piece of us ( KIra Gembri)

So Guys that are my Top 15. Hope I can help you to find another good story.