Me. I am one person, I am myself.

But then again, who am I?

Whether it's with personality tests, or people asking me about myself; my answer is always:

"Well, it depends on my mood"

But what does that mean? Why does everything depend on my mood? I am living my life with the restrictions of my emotions, I let my emotions take my hand and guide me places, places I might not even want to go.

Sometimes it feels like I am more than one person, almost like there are a couple of people constantly fighting inside of me.

Every action has a consequence. Am I just afraid of those consequences? Is that why I never want to stick with one choice.

I hate restrictions and limits. I hate labels because they restrict us to act a certain way. I hate being restricted to live or think a certain way. Yet with my current actions, I am my own restriction. These different parts of me that are constantly fighting against each other cause me to not do anything at all rather than do different things at once. I am my own cage.

How do I fix myself?