Today I am gonna do the positivity challenge!
I have got this idea from:

Not let it get started! Ready?

➳ Name: Phibie.

➳ Nickname: Phibie is already my nickname but I also have: Phibs, Uschi, Bummi and Mrs. Stinker

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➳ What I am most confident about with myself: I absolutely don't know. I kinda like my eyecolor. It is blue with a small point of green.

➳ One insecurity: my weight.

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➳ Favourite word: Pluviophile: the lover of rain - someone who finds joy and happiness mind during rainy days

➳ Dream job: Singer

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➳ Favourite song: Alaska by Mogli

➳ Favourite quote(s): You are the base of my love, my stop before the precipitation:

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➳ Favourite quality about me: that I can learn different languages that easily.

➳ What positivity means to me: Positivity means to me, to be free, to decide on their own. I do not want to get told what I should do, what is the best for me. That is horrible. Positivity means to me, that I can laugh whenever I want to, to be myself, that I do not have to wear a mask and hide myself. It means to smile more often. It means that you do not have the feeling to be alone and to be on yourself.

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