Hi guys! I've been going through a transitional period recently and in the last month, I've been implementing small habit changes into my life. Whilst they may not fix any issues, or tackle the bigger problems, they make small differences, small smiles, little successes that'll hopefully remind you to keep fighting whatever it is you're up against. I’m probably going to make this into a series, so look out for more to come (UPDATE: link to Part 2 at the end)! Anyways, I hope any of these might just bring about a smile, for anyone trapped in a patch of darkness.

-Make your bed and open your curtains as soon as you get up!

This will discourage the temptation of crawling back under the covers once you're out of bed! I always find walking into my room and seeing my bed made refreshing and makes me feel ready to tackle the day.

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-Prep for the day the night before!

This has stopped so many of my bad habits! Making my breakfast and lunch the night before has demolished my habit of grabbing easy (and unhealthy) food for lunch or nothing at all when because I'm in a rush. I'm no longer forgetting the books and equipment I need for classes and by making to-do lists for my day, I know what I’m up against. I also find that a good outfit that I feel confident in will make my day! So, by laying out my outfit the night before, I know I'm setting myself up for a day of feeling good, rather than grabbing the nearest hoodie before I leave.

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-Walk whenever you can!

Instead of taking two buses to college, I've begun taking one and then instead of changing buses, taking the twenty minute walk from the city centre to college. This makes me feel awake (especially when I have early lessons) and means I can appreciate the weather, the pretty sights in the city (which definitely go unnoticed!) and makes me feel better and more accomplished by the time I arrive.

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-Put lots of effort into your relationships!

Whether this be with friends, partners, colleagues or family, try and be more open! This was a difficult one for me, having been a fairly reserved person for a long amount of time. In the last month I've found that merely telling people if they do things that upset you, telling them about personal things that you'd normally keep to yourself, or just being more proactive (tagging them in funny Facebook posts, arranging meetings with them or randomly messaging them to ask how they are) has made all my friendships better. It's made people respond more positively to me and showing an interest in their lives and sharing mine with them has made them more interested in me! I've had invites to events I wouldn't have ordinarily even heard of and by being more socially open and approachable, made even more friends! You’ll just feel a lot less alone.

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Hope this helps any of you lovelies out ^.^

Lateeeer- E x

UPDATE: Part 2

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