Sailor moon (Usagi).

hair, braid, and hairstyle image Image removed iphone, sunglasses, and pink image room, light, and luxury image breakfast, health, and food image black, girly, and pink image

Sailor Mercury (Ami).

hair and beauty image coffee, bed, and bedroom image night, window, and photography image tumblr image aesthetic, flowers, and photography image iphone, apple, and purple image

Sailor Mars (Rei).

dark, hair, and long image girl, beauty, and eyes image yoga, summer, and sunset image maxi dress, prom dress, and red dress image planets and hands image quotes, aesthetic, and alternative image

Sailor Venus (Mina).

girl, style, and outfit image aspen, beauty, and beach image nike, fitness, and body image yellow, aesthetic, and flowers image Image by hannah smith cat, cute, and animal image

Sailor Jupiter (Lita).

fashion, girl, and makeup image aesthetic, makeup, and beauty image girl, flowers, and aesthetic image fashion, girl, and style image food, dessert, and cake image boys, charlotte, and crush image

Sailor Chibi Moon (Rini).

Image by Alyona Osipova black, blue, and pink image alabama, autumn, and blonde image girl, pony, and pink image shoes, aesthetic, and rainbow image cool, game, and hatsune miku image

I hope you like it. See you in the next article.

EDIT: Part 2