Welcome to my new Article Guys😁.
Today it's all about how to become Happy and Motivated or just lift your mood after a bad Day.
So yeah let's start 💕

1.Take a hot Bath
2. Apply a Face Mask
3. Paint your Nails💅
4. Turn of your Phone
5. Wash your Hair

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There is nothing better than taking time for yourself and relax to lift your Mood.

*6. Escape with a TV Show*(or Youtube)
7. Talk to a Friend
8. Read a nice Book
9. Write in a Journal
10. Listen to your favorite Songs

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Do what makes your Soul happy.

11. Eat your favorite Food
12. Drink Tea
13. Cook or bake something
14. Talk to someone you love
15. Spend Time with a Pet.

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Food is Bae.

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