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Today @Whispiral is here with My Name In Cities which is challenge created by @martugnzlz, i was tagged by the amazing Bel (@enjoyalittle)!

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So lets get started!


♛ M I L L I E ♛

★ Mumbai, India★

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City in India

★ Istanbul, Turkey ★

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I really want to go to Istanbul!

★ London, United Kingdom★

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Awww i really want to go to the UK at least on time in my life.

★ Los Angeles, United States of America★

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Aww another city that is on my bucketlist to travel to

★ Iqaluit, Canada★

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I swear that Canada isn't just a winter paradise

★ Edmonton, Canada ★

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Ayee Canada again:)

Thank you so much for reading!

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Hope you have fun doing this challenge as well!