Today I would like to talk about a couple like Stydia (Stiles and Lydia).
I have shipped them since the first season.

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The way Stiles always cared about her. How worried.How protect her

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How jealous of Scott, Jackson, Aidan, Parrish. How did he react to her saying that she would not dated with schoolchildren.

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The way Lydia began to realize her love for him. How she cared about him. How worried. How jealous of Malia.

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He was in love with her since childhood, she did not pay attention to him.

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He always loved only her. Even when he was with Malia, he loved only Lydia.

Their looks, smiles. The way he said that she is beautiful when she cries.

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The fact that he said that only he knows how clever she is.He Saw her soul. He Know Her.

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He literally go out from freaking mind if she died.

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The way she inspires him.
The way he inspires her.
He saved her life.
She also saved him.

Dylan and Holland shipped them

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teen wolf, tw, and stydia image

You can talk about them endlessly, so I'll just put in my favorite videos here.

And I was very happy when Stydia became end game.