I'm surprisingly aesthetic for being a trend hater, so I wanted to do this.

Some background:
I am an 18 year old lady from middle-of-nowhere New Hampshire. I have less than three months left of high school before I move to Baltimore for college.


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I'm a natural golden/strawberry blonde. I'm very short at 5'0. I have big boobs and wide hips but a fairly tiny waist (like Corinna). I also have a massive tattoo on my right arm and one behind my left ear.


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I do high waisted jeans and jean shorts with sweaters and button ups in the winter, and tanks and crop tops in the summer (solids, stripes, or florals). I like earrings and necklaces and rings. My favorite outfit is my canadian tuxedo. Although I have tons of shoes, I pretty much only wear vans.


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Rose tint my world.


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New Hampshire, Baltimore, Santa Monica, Japan


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Spring time, Spring-a-ling-a-ling time.


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Writing, music, skating, and being a mom someday.


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I have tattoos for ATL and The Front Bottoms. I wrote my college essay about Blink. Waterparks I'm more or less stuck with now because I've loved them since the beginning.


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Yuratchka Plisetsky. Lucy Heartfilia. Galko-chan. Mix them all together and you have angsty, concieted, secretly bashful, hardworking me.


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Publish a book, skate at a nationals, perform in a band, and start a family.

<3 Malmo