Hi, nice to see you again, here, on this fine day. I really loved seeing that so many people read my article and liked it, so I made another one.. Since my last article, I discovered some new artists that I would love to share with you! Here are some underrated artists I think you will love vol II.

the playlist

Matt Maeson

I'll just start with my favourite, exactly a year ago I discovered Matt Meason and since then he is one of my favourites. His voice is just so nice and yeah I love it.

edit: he has a new album and it is so good!!!

my favourite songs: Tribulation & Me and my friends are lonely

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and of course, there are no pictures of him, so sorry

Jaymes Young

HE DESERVES MORE LOVE!! I cry every time I listen to him.

my favourite songs: Stone & Moondust (Stripped) & I'll be good

music, singer, and jaymes young image jaymes young image

Handsome Ghost

I literally found them when I was making this article and I love them, their vibe is so chill en they have original songs and they make you happy, so I guess this band is cool.

my favourite songs: Fool & Reckless Lover & Better off

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alas, I couldn't find a picture of them.

Lewis Capaldi

If you love love songs, this is the artist for you. His songs are like indie love songs, and that is very nice. But he only has five songs so I just hope for more in the future...

my favourite songs: Lost on You & Mercy

alternative, bruises, and lewis image bruises and lewis capaldi image

The Japanese House

Their vibes are so chill, I love listening to this band when I just need to calm down.

my favourite songs: Face like Thunder & Good side in & Cool blue

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and again, so sorry, no picture

Sleeping at last

They are from space, or at least, that's the feeling I'm getting. In their album Atlas they have songs about all the planets and other space stuff.

my favourite songs: Saturn & Atlantic, & Earth

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Mt. Joy

His songs are so original and alternative and since a few days, he has a new album (finally)!!

my favourite songs: Sheep & Astrovan & Julia

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Mosa Wild


my favourite songs: Smoke

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and as always no picture...

And that's it (for now). I hope you all like this one as much as my first one and I hope you found something you like! Oh, you can follow me on Spotify, only if you want to (this way you can see what songs and artists I listen to every day)!
And here's my first article:

Thanks for reading, bye bye

- Aljona