Hi everyone! Today I am going to write about 2018 trends.

1) Colors ❤️

fashion clothes fashion fashion

Lavender and red are the 2018 colors.So go and buy yourself something red or lavender 😜.

2)Check print👚

black Superthumb

I think that everyone has checked shirt in their closet.In 2018 check print is very popular.

3)SUPER cute bags 👜

Superthumb bag Superthumb fashion

They are so small ,but so so cute.I really want one 😂.

4)Massive sneakers 😣

nike brown

I dont really like this trend ,but maybe you do.

5)Huge earrings

aesthetic beauty

Long and huge earrings are beautiful.

6)80s style jeans and denim fashion 😎

aesthetic black beauty denim

In denim clothes I feel really cool.Do you feel cool when you are in denim clothes ?

7)Flowers and stripes 🌼

aesthetic bag Superthumb clothes

I really love this trend flowers are cute and stripes are aesthetic.

8)Sunglasses ☀️

perrie edwards girl Superthumb Superthumb

Two hadid sisters are obsessed with this sunglasses.

9)T-shirts 👕

Superthumb aesthetic accessories aesthetic

T-shirts with cute words or quotes are cute.

10)Clear clothes 👙

aesthetic fashion black clothes

This trend is so clear 😂.

I hope you liked my article.