Hi everyone! Today I am going to write about 2018 trends.

1) Colors ❤️

black, clothes, and fashion image clothes image red, fashion, and outfit image fashion, red, and style image

Lavender and red are the 2018 colors.So go and buy yourself something red or lavender 😜.

2)Check print👚

fashion, style, and outfit image black and white, checked, and chess image

I think that everyone has checked shirt in their closet.In 2018 check print is very popular.

3)SUPER cute bags 👜

bag, mini, and snap image fashion, model, and bag image bag, Loewe, and candy image Image removed

They are so small ,but so so cute.I really want one 😂.

4)Massive sneakers 😣

nike image nike, shoes, and pink image

I dont really like this trend ,but maybe you do.

5)Huge earrings

Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, earrings, and fashion image

Long and huge earrings are beautiful.

6)80s style jeans and denim fashion 😎

fashion, outfit, and style image girl, jeans, and outfit image fashion, style, and beauty image fashion, denim, and girl image

In denim clothes I feel really cool.Do you feel cool when you are in denim clothes ?

7)Flowers and stripes 🌼

fashion, outfit, and style image aesthetic, girl, and bag image Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and flowers image

I really love this trend flowers are cute and stripes are aesthetic.

8)Sunglasses ☀️

blonde hair, fashion, and Girl Crush image beauty, hair, and meninas image gigi hadid image bella hadid image

Two hadid sisters are obsessed with this sunglasses.

9)T-shirts 👕

clothes, outfit, and tumblr image rose, girl, and aesthetic image fashion, honey, and black image fashion, red, and aesthetic image

T-shirts with cute words or quotes are cute.

10)Clear clothes 👙

aesthetic, topshop, and transparent clothes image shoes, fashion, and heels image fashion, style, and black image grunge, tumblr, and clothes image

This trend is so clear 😂.

I hope you liked my article.