If you select this article and read it, thank you! If you give it a heart, I LOVE YOU! If you respond to me after you read what I'm looking for, I will die of happiness... then continue writing from beyond the grave...

I'm in the market for avid readers and writers (which you already know if you read the title of this article). A writer myself, I have recently completed another short novel and need beta readers of a sort to read and give me blunt constructive criticism. I'm not looking for an editor, because I know in future drafts I will change almost all the wording anyways. I'm not looking for someone to correct grammar or suggest new word order or anything else along those lines. What I am looking for is someone who can answer these ten questions:

1. At what point did you feel like “Ah! Now the story has really begun!”
2. Where did you find yourself skimming?
3. Which setting in the story was clearest to you? Which do you remember the best?
4. Which character would you most like to meet and get to know? And why?
5. What was the most suspenseful part of the story?
6. If you had to pick one character to get rid of from the story, who would you axe?
7. Were there any parts in the story that reminded you of your own life?
8. Were there any parts where you stopped reading due to boredom? What were the dull parts?
9. What are you reading now or what book have you read last?
10. Finish this sentence: “I kept reading because…”

If you're like me, you want to know what you'll be reading before reaching out -
because if it's something like a historical biography, I wouldn't really be interested, so no shame in not liking the genre.

My story is about a high school boy in a school he doesn't belong at. He has all of the struggles of a regular kid his age in school, even down to meeting a girl out of his league. But my story has a fantasy/science fiction twist in that the people he meets are from the past. Be warned, there is an intense violence scene that I have to give a disclaimer for in case readers are easily triggered.

If you are interested in being one of my first readers, please send a postcard! I'm itching to start the second draft, but I have to reign myself in and get some pointers first before rewriting. I use GoogleDrive and GoogleDocs, so you'll need to share your email with me. (I promise I will not share that email with anyone else and will only use it for communicating about the story. Unless you and I become friends. Then I will annoy the crap out of you and send you lots of pointless messages.)