Hey everyone!

So today I'm going to tell you how to be your best self, #selflove! I'm gonna give you some tips and I hope they will help you :') Let's get started! Btw, if you like my articles you can check out some other of my articles. To stay informed you can follow me so you will see every time I upload a new article!

-Try to read everyday. You don't have to read a lot but you can read a chapter every night before you go to sleep. It's very relaxing.

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-Work out some days. It doesn't have to be a big work out, but you can find on YouTube some 7 minute work out videos! These are very nice to do and keep you fit.

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-Eat healthy. Of course you can go sometimes to the Mac Donalds. But healthy food can also be really nice. Try to eat a apple as snack for example.

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-Study good. If you get a good grade you will be proud of yourself and that feeling is nice to have. (That's what I think).

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-Get enough sleep. You will be more productive the next day., to do your home work or cleaning your room.

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-Make time for doing fun things with your friend(s)! It makes you really happy, and you have a nice time together.

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-Try out some new things. Fear is your biggest enemy. Just do the things you always wanted to do!

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-Do selfcare. You can do skin care, and a mask for your hair, try to get a good pamper routine!

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I hope you liked this article, bye :)