When you spend so much time infatuated with books and reading them, you're bound to come across books that sweep you off of your feet and leave you on cloud 9 and some that just leave you

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Well, today is the day I'll be talking about those I utterly, deeply, truly DISLIKED. P.S. I don't want to seem offensive or that I'm trying to insult somebody's personal taste... THIS IS JUST MY SUBJECTIVE OPINION so don't get angry, peeps.

👎 Lauren Kate - Fallen series

Reading this series was a real... Torment (lmao). God, nothing satisfied me in these books: there wasn't a plot, nothing of actual importance happened, I hated every single character (ahem caricature) & writing, descriptions and dialogues were on such noob level I rolled my eyes and was afraid I'll lose them in the back of my head. Not to mention that Luce and Daniel are one of the daftest characters I have ever encountered in books; she's typical ignorant, whiny girl who chases the love of her life even though he doesn't seem to give a cr*p about her and he's oh so perfect but so daft that I asked myself how he can be a superior, preternatural being.
There is one sentence in the first book that summarizes my opinion of Luce and it was said by the first book's villain:

"In this lifetime you're nothing more than you appear to be: a stupid, selfish, ignorant, spoiled little girl who thinks the world lives or dies on whether she gets to go out with some good-looking boy at school. Even if your death wouldn't accomplish something so long-awaited, glorious, and grand, I'd still relish this moment, killing you."

As for my homeboy Daniel:

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👎 Michelle Zink: Prophecy of the Sisters

It may not seem like it but I really hate hating books since they are author's work in which they put their blood, sweat and tears (some BTS references ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

But what is this book??
Lia's and Alice's father dies. Let's take a walk and talk.
Their mother died years ago under weird circumstances. Let's take a walk and talk.
Weird stuff begins to happen. Let's take a walk and talk.
There may be a prophecy in which sisters are involved. Let's take a walk and talk.
Lia's sister serves the Satan. Let's ride a horse and talk.

NOTHING HAPPENS! I was just left meh.

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Bruh, this was me after I managed to finish this book.

👎 Sarah J. Maas – Empire of Storms

A new article on WikiHow appeared! How to ruin a sensational fantasy series in its ending?? Don't know where to begin? Struggling? Well, struggle no more! Just ask Sarah J. Maas; she's the queen, no, EMPRESS, of ruining a good plot and characters! Her precious advices will make everyone want to rip their hair off and you successful!

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I swear to God, she ruined the whole series for the sake of Rowaelin, or whatever their ship name is. It felt as if I read a smut fanfiction, not a serious book from a professional author! I don't mind romantic, smutty and steamy situations but JESUS this woman took it to the next level. Fifty Shades of Terrasen & Adarlan literally, because everyone is just so... horny. And what she did to my fav characters is unforgivable. They all suddenly became Aelin's biggest fangirls and fanboys, so far up her ass they found a new galaxy there. Not to mention, that some of them haven't even been in this forsaken book.
Honestly, I don't like where this series is going...

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👎 Veronica Roth: Insurgent

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Veronica Roth: "Let me do my best."

I can't. This book is extremely boring: from kickass, action-packed, suspense book it turned into, well, dystopian saccharine romance fairy tale. Good thing that Roth had good advertising to be able to finish this series because Insurgent really is a FLOOOOP (first book is AWE and third is decent). The hype got me all excited and expecting and when I read it...

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👎 Becca Fitzpatrick - Hush Hush series

We can't swear on WeHeartIt but there really aren't any suitable words coming to my mind to describe my feelings for these series.
I was drawn to the first book years ago when I was still green and juvenile because of the beautiful cover with beautiful, athletic angel and promise of interesting, paranormal story. After this letdown I stopped trusting book covers.
This angel wasn't a Prince Charming but a creepy sleazebag whose actions were justified because he's handsome¿? and angel?¿ Why people find creepy, stalking, controlling and territorial dudes "hot" will never be clear to me.
And Nora Grey, the protagonist of this series, is just another pretty but doesn't know she's pretty, incompetent, ignorant girl who everyone wants for unknown, unexplainable reasons. It's like authors of paranormal YA adult books just use CTRL+C/CTRL+V on their main female protagonists and it's infuriating. TBH Hush Hush is just a Walmart version of every decent, readable paranormal YA book.

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Same D.O., same.

That's it my ladies and germs. I hope I haven't discouraged people who wanted to read these (really, you should read them and develop your own opinions) and I really hope I haven't spoiled anything.