Before we start, I just want to make some things a little clear for you guys.

#1: be patient

You're not going to ace any test unless you actually put in some work to make that happen.

#2: turn off your phone 📵

Literally the number one reason why no one can study properly is because they're distracted by these little devices held in their hands. You're going to forget the information in an instant if you keep on spending your time on your phone.

#3: Do the basic things

Such as drinking lots of water, eat healthy, sleep enough, don't stay up late everyday, and focus on your work.


I know those are very basic things to follow, but they're necessary.
Now, I know we all hate studying. But in order to study less you have to understand the information fully. Disclaimer: Some of these strategies won't help everyone, it's important that you find what suits you.

First Tip

Actually pay attention. Don't be in such a rush to write everything the teacher says down on you're paper. Pay attention, answer questions, and use worksheets and resources to study off of. The more you participate in class the more likely you're going to remember the information. I know it's boring, but it helps.

Second Tip

There's a thing called spaced repetition. It's when you review the information you've just learnt. It's scientifically proven that the longer you wait to use your information, the more likely you're going to forget. Quickly review your information 3-6 times in class to help your brain remember what you're learning.

Third Tip

View each worksheet/homework like it's a test. Every worksheet that's handed to you is for your own good. This is training you to do well on the test, and many of the information on the worksheets will most likely be on the test. Try to answer all of the questions correctly, before looking at your textbook or whatever else has all the answers. This will help you remember things on the test better by actively recalling.

Fourth Tip

Don't just read your textbook for hours and hope everything you've read will stick to your brain the next day when you're ready to take a test. Instead, take short breaks between studying sessions. But don't spend these breaks going on your phone, do something else productive that involves moving around.

Fifth Tip

There's a studying method that called the "15 minute study strategy". What you do is everyday for 15 minutes at the same time you vigorously study. Absolutely NO distractions are allowed it it requires effort, but not "work. It's about memorization and learning. Actively recall as much information as you can before looking at your paper.

Sixth Tip

Studying DOESN'T require all those pretty notes you see on social media. You can put the effort to make your notes look pretty like that, but I personally don't write notes like that because a. I don't have time for that and b. it's to much effort. I do however, write my notes down but only for me to remember better. When I write down things I can remember things better, but that's just a personal reference.


This is all I have for you today, I hope some of these can help you study better. Thank you for reading this article, and feel free to send me any opinions or questions. byeee.

- Jessica