Here's a poem I wrote for my poetry class. It expresses how I feel towards my dad.
My dad used to mean the world to me. Growing up, it was only us. I always thought he'd be my best friend, but not everything lasts forever. My dad broke my heart a couple times, and I'm pretty sure I broke his a couple times too. It's been a little over a year since we've been horrible and it tears me up. I look at pictures of us when I was younger and I just wish I could go back.
He gets mad and yells over the smallest things. He makes me feel like complete crap. Sometimes I actually feel like he doesn't love me anymore. Cuz if he did, how could he treat his own daughter like that, how could he hit his own daughter.
He points out my flaws and everything I do wrong. Nothing is good enough for him. I feel like I'm disappointing him, big time. I'm best at that. I disappoint everyone. I wish he treated me differently. But no matter what he's my dad and I love him. I always will.

Remembering how close we used to be
just tears me up inside,
I want to cry.

Nowadays we can't go a day
without fighting,
I feel alone.

You say you love me,
but treat me horribly
I'm confused.

You say you treat me horribly,
because you love me
I'm still confused.

Your supposed to be there
when I need you,
Or so I thought.

You always say how I
can do better,
I'm trying.

The way you say it
it's like
I'm not a good enough daughter

Why can't you see I'm trying,
Trying to make you happy,
Trying to make you proud.

I'm trying

We used to be do everything together,
and now,
We do nothing together.

I try to keep my distance,
hoping to avoid a fight,
That never works.

I thought we'd have an inseparable bond,
Guess it was my imagination.

But no matter what happens between us
I'll always love you dad.