Sometimes we are just so focused in our rutine that we do not really enjoy of those little pleasures of life.

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Even the most insignificant sound, or the people that we ususally meet in our way going home, the smell of bread reaciently ovened of that bakery found in the corner of the street. The feeling of being able to dry your hair with the sun and wind. The frenetic rythm that makes you run to catch the bus to go to school.

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There is a lot of things we can miss about our home land, but in those moments we need to enjoy of what we have in the present. I am in Sweden a country that is totally different from mine. It is March and I can not see the spring in the weather. My friends tell me that in few weeks we are gonna be able to have some sunbeams. But it is unavoidable not to be nostalgic.

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I feel that instead of getting warmer it is getting colder, and when I see the pictures of my friends back in home with the sun, makes me feel a little bit in dispair. There were like two days that I was feeling completly depressed about the weather, because is not easy to stay more than four months without sun.
And I mean sometimes of course the sun is there but I can not feel it warming the weather. If I can describe it I would say that it is like an ilusion of an oasis. But in this example the oasis is the sun and the snow is de dessiert (anyway I think you got my point).

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Before to arrive in Sweden like five or six of my acquaintances told me a bout the depression and nostalgic that being in a cold weather can make you feel. I remebered I said "of course that is not gonna happen to me", omg I was so wrong, as I already said it is unavoidable not to be nostalgig or feel in a depressed way.

But we can not be sad all year (or the months that winter lasts), what do I do when im feeling nostalgic? easy I sart to get the good from the bad. but how?, my mom used to say from all the badness always try to find the goodness and stay with that, make it yours and enjoy the moment, because maybe you are not gonna be able to feel it again.
So what are my good parts about this weather?

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1.- In my country we do not have snow, so I must enjoy the withness of the landscape.
2.- I can use as many as sweaters or hoodies I want, and I do not look fat, because everyone looks like that (even if they are not fat).
3.- I can walk as a penguin and noone would laugh about it.
4.- When the sun shows up, combined with the withness of the snow, is freaking beautiful.
5.- It is awesome when it snows, I can compare it to a "magestic dance" that makes you feel amazed but at the same time it makes you feel calm.
6.- Herregud! it is never to early or to late for a big cup of hot chocolate.

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And I am sure I can make a bigger list, but that is not the point. The point here is you to find the best part of your worst time.
And remember anything is eternal and we have to enjoy even the bad times because one day we will want to have revived that moment or we will mock of how exaggerated we made our "tragedy".