Everybody of us experiences that black day full of stress that makes you wanna live everything and escape. Unfortunately, you can't escape but you can take a day break at home ♡
That's exactly what i'm doing now. Extremely sick, stressed from all the school projects and homework i decided to stay at home.
I know, you feel like you didn't find the power to affront life, but sometimes you need to stop fighting and take care of your self. At least, for a couple of hours do something that raises your self-esteem, makes you feel motivated.

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So, what raises my self-esteem, what makes me feel motivated?

1. Following my passions ♡

♡Writing articles, for sure♡

I don't know why, but when i start to write for a certain topic the words come naturally and i feel kind of relieved. That's because it's great when you share your experience with others, it's great when you have their support. It's a win win deal ♡
Thanks to we heart it, now i can share my time, knowledge, feelings with other people. Knowing that someone is there for me, for my articles makes me feel special & gives me a reason to not give up writing. Even if i have lots of homework, or projects to do, i will find the right time to concentrate on articels. At the end, passion is what keeps us alive, right?

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2. Reading inspirational quotes ♡

Sometimes we feel like we can't anymore, like is never going to be better. What's the best advice? Definitely, some inspirational quotes.
I know, it seems like a waste of time, but remember: never doubt the power of words. Quotes, i mean good ones can make you feel motivated & ready to fight a new battle. Here are some of my favorites at the moment.

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3. Taking a shower ♡

Taking a shower is a perfect way to raise self esteem. Feeling fresh it's everything what we all need.
It has been a very productive way to me. After the shower i feel stress-free, more optimistic & productive, too. Give it a try and you'll see is totally worth it.

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4. Listening to a good music ♡

There are songs, lyrics where we find ourselves. These kind of songs remind us that there are people who pass throw the same situation like us, that we aren't alone. And that's exactly what we need in some moments.

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5. Shopping ♡

That's what i'm talking about. For a girl, shopping is the best weapon for raising self esteem. A store, a shopping mall is like our little world where we can feel happy ever after. What's the key? Credit card, for sure 😊 Just kidding 😂 Credit card isn't the key to happiness, but creativity is.
So, you don't need to buy new clothes to feel better with yourself. All you need is to be creative and make new outfits with the old ones you own. Happy ending ♡

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6. Rewarding my self ♡

The idea of a perfect cup of coffee with some biscuits or chocolates totally makes my day. It's like a dream come true ♡
In fact, after studying for a couple of hours, everyone of us deserves some break. At least a few minutes. This is the best time to reward your self. Go take some snacks or drinks & have fun 😂

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7. Hugging, showing love ♡

Hugging is the perfect way to show love, to tell that you care about someone, without saying a single word.
You don't need a specific reason to hug someone. Just go, hug and tell your family and friends that you love them and this will make both of you feel happy & motivated.
This works with your pets, too. Especially with them ♡

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Thank you for reading & rating my article. I hope it'll be useful to you. Remember, you are not alone, Evi ♡