"Make a list of your five favorite drinks/food."
These aren't in order, by the way. Just a list.

1. Sushi
Sushi is the best food on the planet. I love the flavor and texture of nori (if that's how you spell it). The wasabi and soy sauce is awesome. It's refreshing. I can eat four rolls and still feel good. It's not the type of food that weighs you down.

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2. Chipotle
I might even like the flavors of Chipotle more than sushi, but unlike sushi, you feel like crap when you're done eating it. I've always loved Mexican food, and this is the best of the best. I get a bowl with brown rice, pinto beans, sofritas, mild and corn, guac, and lettuce.

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3. Rosé
Hell yes, that accent took downloading an extension. I don't think I genuinely like rosé all that much, but I like the color and the feeling you get drinking it, like a real adult woman. And comparitively to other wines, I do like it the most.

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4. Avocado
I always keep avocados stocked in my house. I adore this strange fruit-vegetable probably more than any other food on the planet. It goes well with everything. I'd put it in cake. This is part of the reason I'm planning a trip to California.

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No lie, I could eat all of this.

5. Tomatoes
It is extremely rare to see me eat a dinner without tomatoes. It's probably my all time favorite singular food. It goes well with sweet things, salty things, savory, sour, and I bet, even bitter. They're relatively cheap and super easy to grow yourself. I would say my favorite kind of tomato is the little orange/yellow cherry tomatoes. My mom had a plant one year and I pretty much ate them all. So yummy! But the deep red, super ripe ones are really good too!

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Some little things I love that I didn't add are kale chips, cake, all sorts of fruit, and doughnuts. Mmmm!

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