Hello readers! I was truly surprised about the reactions of my first article about dogs , it had such a success. I am also happy about you guys how much you like these beautiful animals! So I decided to create another part ,of course with different type of breeds. I think they deserve it:)

There will be again 10 wonderful species

So let's start, grab a coffee and enjoy ♡

*1* ~ Labradors
Labrador retrievers are typic family dogs ,very protective , kind and calm. Therefore they can get along with other dogs and children. They are also well known as the guide-dogs. By these dogs the ability of good training and comprehensive mind is characteristic. Mostly there are 3 colour versions of them just like: black, chocolate brown and blonde.

dog, animal, and puppy image dog, puppy, and animal image

*2* ~ Golden retriever
They come from the same ''family'' as labrador retrievers. But of course we may see some differences just as : longer fur , slimmer body and the only one recognizable colour as gold or beige.

dog, animal, and nature image dog, cute, and animal image

*3* ~ Pug
Pugs . Some people love them , some people don't. They got specific look with button eyes , little bit fat body and their tongue almost always out of mouth. But look is not everything right? I can say they are so ugly that they are cute. Important is that they can give us the love we need.

dog, cute, and little image adorable, animals, and baby image

*4* ~ Corgi
I like these dogs, they are so funny with their short legs and big ears . They are unexacting which is the reason also older people can adopt them.

dog, cute, and puppy image dog, animal, and corgi image

*5* ~ Great dane
More as horses can be characterised the great danes . They are sooo big . Their height is about 76 - 80 cm and the weight about 50 kg.
We can categorise them according to the colour of their body - white (argentine dane) , with freckles (german dane) , grey and beige (also german).

animals, great dane, and dogs image great dane image

*6* ~ Dachshund
Little hot dogs with legs , or also dachshunds! Loveable tiny dogs who instantly make smile on your face. They may have black or brown colour.
Also long or short type of fur. Which one would you choose? :)

dog, cute, and puppy image dog, cute, and animal image

*7* ~ English cocker spaniel
Elegant and fancy dogs from england called cocker spaniels . Adorable long ears with wavy fur are the features of beauty. You could remember one for example from the disney movie 'Lady and the trump'.

dog, animal, and cute image dog, animal, and pet image

*8* ~ Shar pei
These dogs look like one big wrinkle. Their origins come from China , middle sized dogs around 40 to 50 cm and about 20-25 kg . Maybe because of this old look , you can always feel young around them :D

dog, animal, and pet image shar pei image

*9* ~ Weimar dog
Beautiful dogs , I think with only one characteristic colour silver and big blue eyes.

bff, ice, and weimaraner image dog, puppy, and weimaraner image

10 ~ Chow chow
So at the and I have chosen chow chow , in my country we pronounce it as čau čau what also can mean bye bye :)
These dogs remind us of bears . Because of their big fluffy fur and that colour of multiple brown shades. They got also one speciality , purple tongue. Maybe we got some real royals here? 😜

dog, puppy, and animal image animal, chow chow, and dog image

Unfortunately we are the at the end of article, but I hope you liked the reading:)

Love animals and be happy , bye ღ