listen ok idk about y'all but i've got a love-hate relationship with makeup. i mean, sure it's fun to put on and wear, but it usually takes foreverrr to finish a look and i am not about to wake up 30 minutes earlier to do it lmao.

so with that said, here's a makeup routine i tend to do to make me look less dead and takes no more than 15 mins :)

and is also drugstore friendly


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step 1

ok guys, i'm a cheap bitch alright. i ain't bouta spend $20-$30 on a freaking primer. idk if the more high ends are better or something, but the wet 'n wild one is use is pretty good so why buy another one ???
so idk ig just use whatever primer you like best in the end.


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step 2

my next step while i let my primer set is my brows. now i'm not about to do em bc then this makeup look will go from a 15 min to a 35 min ok ? i normally just like brushing them out and applying clear brow gel to make them look less of a mess. plus, i've got naturally thickish, well-shaped eyebrows so no need to spend time on doing them :)


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step 3

i don't fuck with foundation sooo concealer is next for me :) i use maybelline age rewind or some shit like that. it's the one with the sponge at the top that you twist to get the product out ?? but yeah i kinda really wanna try the nars one bc i hear it's good.

setting powder

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step 4

i set that concealer with a maybelline powder (shocker) and i've always used it so ig it's pretty good. i tried the elf one before but i didn't really like it for some reason soooo yeah

bronzer & blush

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step 5

next i add some bronze to my face in that 3 technique way (idk what it's called lol) and apply VERY LITTLE blush bc my ass is always getting red and embarrassed lmaoooo. ALSO i apply a little bronzer on my eyelids to add some warmth to them. i could do it with eyeshadow but idk where my morphe palette is and that one's got all the nice shades kms.


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step 6

then i do my mascara, ya know, basic step. i use a l'oreal or maybelline, depends which one is closer.


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step 7

my last step before setting spray is highlight. i use a physicians formula one that was honestly hella expensive if you ask me but it smells like heaven and it looks sooo nice so def worth it :)


so yeah, that's what i would normally do on a school day or if i'm running errands and i wanna look less like an egg ! it's a lot of steps now that i wrote it down but i swear it doesn't take very long.

thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed it ! :)