Hello everyone, today I decided that I was going to do something I've never done before and share with everyone some beauty hacks. Hope you enjoy !!!

1. If you want to revive your mascara just use eye drops, that will make it work again.

2. I f you want longer lashes using mascara, then firstly use a drier mascara and when that's dry use a second layer of a newer mascara and that will give the effect of longer, thicker lashes

3. If you want to de-puff your face then simply put some spoons in the freezer and then just put them in your face.

4. Apply your vaseline to your lashes and eyebrows before you go to bed. They will grow and get thicker.

5. To do a Self-Tanner, all you need is Cocoa Powder and lotion mix them and then apply to the skin ( Make sure to blend well tho, otherwise, it will look patchy )

So yeah, thank you so much for reading.