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7. GAP
Since 1969. California, USA.
First shop was opened in theatre and sold Levi`s and audiotapes.

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Al Green - love and Happiness

8. Heron Preston
Since 2016. USA.
The first "Instagram first" fashion designer.

Image by ѷ a l e r ї e Image by ѷ a l e r ї e
Scriptonite - Стиль

9. Isabel Marant
Since 1994. Paris.
Born Isabelle (pronounced "Isabella" in French), she dropped the last syllable of her name in her sixth year of school when she discovered four of her classmates had the same name. As a child Marant was an outgoing tomboy who disliked anything girlish.

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ASAP Rocky ft. Rihanna - Fashion Killa

10. Jil Sander.
Since 1968. Milan.
She became known as the Queen of Less.

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Little Simz - Backseat

11. Kappa.
Since 1978. Italy.
Most of the people think that there is 2 girls on their famous logo. But it`s girl and boy.

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Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.

12. Lacoste.
Since 1933. Paris.
People used to call René Lacoste “crocodile” due to his speed, accuracy, as well as his amazing persistence during tennis.

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Apollo Brown - Just listen to the melody.

13. Moschino.
Since 1983. Milan.
1988, Moschinos Catwalk Show: Models wear white T-shirts with the lettering "Channel No. 5". An unmistakable allusion to the legendary Chanel perfume. The conclusion: Chanel complained against Moschino, the labels landed in court and Chanel won.

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Boulevard Depo - Sport

14. Nike.
Since 1964. Oregon, USA.
The swoosh cost them just $35.

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Jay-z ft. Linkin Park - Numb/Encore