While exploring the world of fashion but also the world of social media, I stumbled upon a page called Serengetee. My first reaction was, "WOW! Look at all those patterns and colors!".

This page is definitely one of those colorful and bright pages with notes here and there about changing the world and traveling more, but something that I (as well as even you) didn't know is that this page is not just a page full of patterns and colors, but is also rather an organization that helps globally.

Now, I may sound a little bias being a rep for the company and all, but let me tell you just how amazing this company and organization is.

Serengetee was first founded by Jeff and Ryan back in 2012 when the two had gone to study abroad. Both guys decided to spend the last of their coins and dollar bills on buying fabric, to which they turned into pockets for t-shirts and many other products.

The duo had then made it their mission to help the communities around the globe by giving 10% of their profits to diverse regions across the globe. Starting with 25 countries and different fabric styles, Jeff and Ryan took it upon themselves to make a difference.

As each fabric from the country is sold, that 10% goes to an organization that needs the help to improve their lives and the community around them. Both guys have not only helped local artists, but they've helped their families and ancient fabric making traditions going.

Guys like Jeff and Ryan are world changers, they look for the best and they give their best. Till this day, both Jeff and Ryan and still traveling the world looking for different fabrics and different organizations to help. With a company and team back in Los Angeles, CA, the duo are doing their best to spread the word and help around globally.

The company had invested their time in helping reps, like me, spread the word across campus and around the community. So here I am spreading it on WeHeartit.

Join in on this fight to help the world by buying a fabric tee! Check out Serengetee.com and check out with my code KAXIONG20 to receive 20% off. I don't benefit from your use of my code, but you definitely do!

Be a world changer and buy a fabric! you won't regret it!