What to do when you are unhappy with your life ?
Every person no matter who he is or what he does, lives with the goal to be happy.People chase the things that make them happy. People chase money mostly
because they think that money is what makes them happy, people chase love because they think that love is the key to their happiness , but sometimes the wish
to be someone they want or to have what we want so badly, blinds us. We often forget what we have and how much work and devotion we have made to achieve
what we already have.We just want more and more of everything.However,I am not going to write this time why you should always appreciate what you have,
but I am going to tell you what to do when you feel like you are stucked in a dark place and you cant really enjoy your life.
I have passed a lot of things in life , even tho I am only 19 year old,and often it makes me crazy when I remember what I have been through and it amazes me at the same time.
We are always growing, always changing, and we often do things that we never thought we will do. Sometimes this is what makes us to live an unhappy life, when we get out of our comfort zone.
Nobody wants to do things that embarrese them or to be found in tough situation. But if you want to live a happy life ,you have to find happiness everywere. You should learn how to train your mind to see the good everywhere.
I know its not easy to see the good in things that makes you suffer but its a must if you want to move on. I promise you will be much more happy.
Some things in life simply cant be changed by us, all you have to do is accept it and see the good of it. For example, you are born in a country where you dont have a lot of possibilities,meanwhile someone else ,just like you ,is born in a country
where the things that you desire , there are taked for granted. I know it is mind blowing, right? But its not something yours to change. Everybody is fighting they own battles. Nobody"s life is perfect.
Nobody has it all. Dont compare your life with other people because nobody has ever been in your "shoes". Maybe they couldnt have handled what you have handled so good .You may say why me? Why I should be the one?
No you are not the one, everybody is "the one" because what you think its easy for someone else may be hard.
People are so complicated creatures, and so is life. You cant understand everything ,and you dont have why to figure all out at once. You should let things flow.
Focus on yourself,live your life. Fight for what you want and get relaxed when something seems impossible to achieve.See the hard times as lessons. Learn from it,
there is always place for improvement. Dont feel bad because of the society, cause they feel the same like you. Everybody worries for themselves.
Maybe we dont know why we are here, or what we are supposed to do, but we know what makes us feel well. Do the things that make you feel most alive.
Be your top priority and never lower your standarts for anyone. Find the balance between your mind and heart, between your soul and thoughts. Dont let them both fight
each-other , but help them cooparete with each other. And last thing, I want to know if you enjoyed reading this. If so let me know by hearting it,
because I have a lot of other things to talk about with you and Iwould be happy If you want to know more.
Take it easy, without rain there are no flowers.
Lots of love, A.