hi everyone !

this is my first article ever and this tag looks pretty fun
so here it is ♡

//the abc tag//

a - age

b - best movie
there are so many :o hmm but if i have to pick one then it's probably sprited away for now :)

c - current time
19:32 (hello from bangkok :D)

d - drink you had last

e - everyday starts with
me rolling out of bed

f - favorite song
i've been listening to a lot songs by the artist joakim karud lately, but love mode maybe?

g - grossest moment
this dude accidently flicked a piece of booger onto my foot (ew)

h - height
i am around 160 cm and so that's 5'2 i think

i - in love with
shopping for cute clothes and going to museums

j - jealous
occasionally, but i try not to :)

k - killed someone?

l - last time you cried?
i can't remember

m - middle name
don't have one

n - number of siblings
i have one elder sister who's three years older than me

o - one wish
to be able to teleport

p - person you last called / texted
my sister via line

q - question you're always asked
wow your hair is so straight, how? (it's genetic i think)

r - reason to smile
i know this sounds very cheesy but because life is short

s - song you last sang
mr brightside

t - time you woke up
5:30 because my bus picks me up at 6:10 D: cries*

u - underwear color
black and white

v - vacation places
just take me to any beach thanks

w - worst habit
i buy clothes and i don't wear them

x - x-rays you've had

y - your favorite food
any kind of asian food: but i really like to have bibambap at the moment

z - zodiac sign

thank you so much for reading ♡ i hope you liked it

this tag was super fun to do and i'm planning to write more in the future

so stay tune !