• Hogwarts House
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Proud Slytherine
Wanting power is not inherently bad and does not automatically make you unfit to use it. Ambition is value neutral. What you value doesn't matter as much as what you're using those values to accomplish. Slytherines get things done; they can lead; they want to do great things and often manage to achieve them.
  • Ilvermorny House
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Represent the soul. Favours adventurers.
  • Wand
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English Oak wood with a Dragon heartsring core 13" and Unbending flexibility

* Patronus

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  • Pet I would bring
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Black Cat
  • Position in Quidditch
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  • Favorite Subject
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Care of magical creatures, Potions, Defence against the dark arts
  • Favourite female charater
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Luna Lovegood
  • Favourite male character
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Fred Weasley