This year has been start of some new albums of same loving singers that we all seems to love. For me, since last year, has been same albums but some new faces also joined this amazing journey of love, comfort and great stories of love in face of singing. These three albums are a must if you are pop genre fan.

1- Camila Cabello - Camila (2018)

Since camila went solo, I've been meaning to listen her new songs and voices, she always had amazing solos, even in fifth harmony and by coming on her own has made this album more amazing. This album shows sad tunes, hip pop tunes and some romantic also. My favourite would have to be never be the same, havana and inside out.

2- Demi Lovato - Tell me you love me

I'm the biggest demi fan since 2011, her every song has such an amazing meaning and I'm obsessed with her last album 'Confident', every song has such a strong message and strong notes in it and this album couldn't contain my excitement. It has such a strong tunes, some very great lyrics in it too. My favourite is 'Tell me you love me', 'Ruin the friendship' and 'You don't do it for me anymore'.

3- Ed sheeran - Divide

Ed sheeran is goodess. This album has such amazing songs and even videos are amazing. I can't even put the word how amazing this album is and I can't even pick a song which I love by him. I do have top 5 songs that I love, That are - 'Perfect','Galway girl', 'How would you feel?', 'Barcelona', 'Supermarket flowers'.