When you 're the "different" child and people love to compare you to other children, you begin to think that you're not enough, that your personality sucks.

Before you was a lonely person with friends but now you're completely alone.

You had dreams, but then they cut the fairy tale because what you wanted to do was not real for them. Then tears started to flow, you couldn't stop crying , you lose the passion to live, the only thing that you were made for has disspeared.

Your Heart, years after years becomes empty, you begin a depression, being paranoiac, isolates from everyone, you keep everything for yourself.

Then you realise that life is worth to be lived, so you start praying,working,thinking, to plan your new life.
You arrived to an important chapter of your life, you wanna do everything step by step even if people around you pushing you by force to do everything at the same time because they don't understand why you can't achieve them now.

That one thing I know it's that God got us. He planed this since the beginning. Your day will come and this day you are going to feel the joy in your life because you will have finally found your purpose !

Keep believing, keep pushing and stay positive!