Day 9 Write about your 5 greatest accomplishments.

1. Graduating from high school

High school years were quite difficult for me that is way I'm very proud of me for graduating. The beginning of high school was a big change in my life, luckily I had a few good friends who helped me out. Unfortunately today I hear from them so rarely.

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Enrolling in university

I'm so proud of myself for enrolling in university and I'm going to be more proud when I get my master degree.

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Getting my driving licence

Since men I considered to be better drivers I' extra proud of me for this achievement. I had my driving license for 4 years now and I have to tell you that I didn't cause any accident or get any penalty points.

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Deutsches Sprachdiplom

I have a German language diploma at the B2 level. After I entered the exam for this diploma and when I passed it was like I got a reward of 9 years spent in studying German language.

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Staying true to myself

Even though I had many ups and downs in my life I always managed to stay me.

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Thank you for reading XOXO, Milena