Today's question:

List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them.

My hobbies

1. Drawing If you have read my other articles you might already know that I love drawing and that I want to get better at it so I am drawing more often to improve.

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2. Listening to music I would listen to music all day if I could. I just love to sing and dance along my favorite songs, and let myself get carried away with the rhythm.

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3. Swimming I love summer because I can swim in the pool. Yeah, you might know that I dont really like water but I still love swimming, I don't know how to explain the feeling but it is amazing.

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4. Giving long walks I like to walk because I start to think about life and sometimes I feel some great ideas come to my mind.

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5. Writing articles I like to write about my thoughts and feelings, and about life in general always trying to inspire. I have recieved some messages of beautiful hearters telling me they liked my articles or that they inspired them and helped them and that's what really matters at the end, it not only inspires me but also, makes me really happy.

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Don't be afraid to tell people you liked their articles, you will make their day, believe me!

I just wanted to tell you that thank you so much for reading my articles, you are all amazing! -Alison G.