You know those moments when your sad and you need to cry, not necessarily to make you more sad but in a more therapeutic sense. The kind of crying that feels cathartic and in a way personal. Anyways, I'm gonna stop dawdling and start the waterworks with my favourite melancholic hits.

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10. Do You Feel It? ~ Chaos Chaos

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9. Cannonball ~ Damien Rice

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8. Breathe Me ~ Sia

Image by Mukabatii

7. Cry~ James Blunt

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6. No Bravery~ James Blunt
Honestly anything James Blunt will jerk tears

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5. Between the bars~ Elliott Smith

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4. 9 Crimes~ Damien Rice

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3. The Blower's Daughter~ Damien Rice

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I'm starting to realize that a James Blunt or Damien Rice concerts must be so depressing.

2. Hurt~ Johnny Cash Cover

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1. Hurt~ Nine Inch Nails

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