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I'm gonna translate this extract of an article for you guys, who don't understand french. I think this is a precious advice for girls and boys.

Here the translation:

You have to take the time, for not loose it again. Precipitation is enemy number one in relationships.

Take time to discover the significant other and let him discover you, it's avoid dissapointment.
Learn to discover this man/woman, what he/she likes, what he/she is passionate about, his/her dreams and aspirations. And give him/her also this possibility to discover the woman/man of value you are and appreciate you as you are.

This is the link of the website of this article: http://femmedinfluence.fr/
"Femme d'influence" is a french website where you can found a lot of articles that empower women, But you know what, boys should also go on this website if they want to understand girls ! Lol.
I know all the articles are in french but if your are really detreminate to improve yourself, go on this website maybe you can translate the page, IDK ! I share with you this website because it's an amazing virtual magazine espacially for girls !