You broke up with me because you couldn't see yourself doing a long distance relationship, after being together for two years. But here you are, after three months, in a long distance relationship with her. The girl you made me unable to trust or like; the one you caused me to doubt my trust towards you.

I forgave you back then, as we hadn't been together for long but now, after this, the last two years with you feel like complete bullsh*t, like the love I had for you was not returned. All I want to know is why her, after everything, did you actually love her while you were supposedly loving me?

But what hurts more is the fact that 'our' friends didn't tell me personally about it, despite telling you about something because they didn't want to break your trust. What about my trust? What about their loyalties to me? I guess they were lying too when they said nothing would change when we ended.

I'm so angry and so hurt. I've never been to the level of actually wanting to hurt someone as badly as they hurt me, but well done, you've broken this caring, loving girl to the point where I'm done with everything and everyone that's connected with you.

I thought that when you found someone new I'd be able to be happy for you, because I cared about you, but not her. I don't wish you any happiness with her. I just hope that you don't break her like you broke me; I hope that you've learnt how to deal with and become someone who isn't ignorant to the struggles that she's going through, like you were to mine.

You're out of my life. I don't wish to have my best friend back ever, nor the friends I made with you. You're now just a painful memory that I'll one day be able to not feel broken by.