do i really am who i wannabe? I am afraid, i have to say iam afraid of word „no“.
But,no. He does a basic hot mess in my mind with his perfect smile and his blue like the ocean eyes.
And it scares me that i still hadn‘t got those feelings like i have for you.
I am afraid, that you will change. You will change your beautifull smile in to that fuckboy dirty look, i am afraid that your perfect eyes will no longer know me.
And you don‘t get had millions of those basic girls like me, with just a basic smile, a basic face,basic blue eyes like a gross marsh and basic feelings that we don‘t even know how to hide.
I can‘t even think about you, because you have another honey. And that is kinda funny.
Because i don‘t even know how to fucking feel about it.
She is your dream come true. I am like a very sad nightmare.