Thought I'd do an article a bit different today. I've put together a list of some of my favourite sounds in life. Some bring a nostalgic feeling, others are sounds many people seem to enjoy, while others are just completely random sounds I have no explanation for. Hope you enjoy reading!


  • wolves howling
wolf, animal, and snow image wolf, animal, and snow image
  • the waves of the ocean
beach, bird, and crashing image ocean and waves image
  • rain on the window
rain, city, and autumn image photo, photography, and rain image
  • fire crackling in a fireplace / camp fire
Temporarily removed black, cozy, and dark image
  • birds chirping on a spring morning
beauty, birds, and flower image цветы, дерево, and птица image
  • police sirens
car, cops, and crime image Image by S, 👸🏼
  • horses feet when they walk/trot
animals, horses, and photography image horses and winter image
  • fireworks
Temporarily removed colors, firework, and fireworks image
  • acoustic guitars
music and love image Image by vogueistic
  • whales calling
Temporarily removed beautiful, nature, and orcas image
  • crowds singing extra loudly at concerts
ariana grande, one love manchester, and arianagrande image all time low, concerts, and london image
  • waterfalls
Image by S, 👸🏼 earth, jamaica, and nature image
  • dirt bike engine revving
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It
  • thunderstorms
clouds, sky, and storm image Temporarily removed
  • old school video games music
game image mario bros, super mario, and super mario bros image
  • the voice of my favourite musician
Harry Styles, harry, and tour image Image removed
  • music playing on a record player
vintage, pink, and aesthetic image albums, alternative, and cds image
  • carnivals
Temporarily removed aesthetic, blue, and blur image
  • electric guitars
electric, guitar, and magic image guitar, music, and black and white image
  • staffy grunts {something very personal to me}
puppy and cute image amour, chien, and staffie image
  • hearing someone laugh because of you
smile, quotes, and reason image friends, girls, and photography image
  • heels on hard floors
black, giuseppe zanotti, and heels image girl, fashion, and dress image
  • the company intro music at the beginning of a movie
disney, castle, and walt disney image Image by Brenda8a
  • drums
black&white, drummer, and drums image Image by becxz
  • the moans of a lover
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed


Thank you so much for reading!
Sheridan xx